Back in T.A.G!! #TheAdultGrid

I decided to take another look at #TheAdultGrid last week & realised my Avatar there is over 3yrs old… That time went very fast! I took the plunge & purchased a Region, $15 for 15,000 prims YAY! So now I am busy saving my stuff & uploading it to #TheAdultGrid & enjoying being in a Virtual World again. I am not sure if its because its still fairly new & it feels lighter to me, I am busily releasing some of my clothing there. They have a fantastic Marketplace, I absolutely love it! I am using their networked vendors which work directly from the marketplace, Brilliant!

I did have some items I released there 3yrs ago, I was only there for about 2 months then, but I did make some sales & the money was still sitting there waiting for me, so I managed to rent a shop in a Mall.

Now that I have a Region though all of my focus is on building that up. I have my store up & a few vendors in it & some gardening items around the shop. I will make a page here dedicated to #TheAdultGrid for the items I have so far released there. In future though all Brand New Releases will be for both #TheAdultGrid  & #InWorldz

I currently have about 12 New Releases sitting in my inventory at #InWorldz they have been sitting there for months I just haven’t released them because I lost my enthusiasm. Being in #TheAdultGrid has brought it back… so its busy busy busy to get them all out in BOTH grids 😀

A Happy Virtual Life has been restored 😉

Rosa 😉

Rose Petal Island #TheAdultGrid

Britannia West #InWorldz


New Japanese Garden #InWorldz

Japanese Garden set in a walled Square, with lots of sakura trees with falling petals, flowers, waterfall, meditation, buddah, gazebo, tai Chi rug, butterfly garden, Bamboo chimes, Temple bell, Torii Gate, Bridge, statue, stone of peace… All items copy