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Victorian Splendor!

 This Design is part of our New Victorian Splendour Range.. this is the daytime Attire for both Male & females, it comes in 3 colors & is a complete outfit.


A little bit of Country ;)

Rodeo Girl is a complete Avatar
skin,shape,eyes, hair & Outfit

This completes the Western Themed Designs… for Women 😉

 I loved making this one & the dress reminded me of one I wore as a teen, wow that was many years ago! haha

Both Available now at our Main Store

Petting Kittens!

All Available from the GJCR Shopping Mall @ Scorpio!

Cute & Adorable Petting Kittens…
Wear your kitten & Pet it, or have Him sitting in his pretty Kitten basket, curled up nicely by the fire..

Available kittens tabby, grey tabby, all Black,
all white

 Adorable all Black kitten

 grey tabby

Cute all white kitten