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New Release from GJCR ~ Winter Coats

Looking for your Winter Coat?

Just Released today in our HisNhers Range Available in 4 colors, also available as a Fat pack, 4 for the price of 3 ;)

These can be found at our Main Store on the 2nd floor to the right, or at our outlets on Windy Bay & Paisen Faisen


New Releases @ Scorpio

New Release for men & women… available in 7 colors…

From our HisNhers Range

An Autumn Casual Outfit… available from our Main store @ Scorpio 190/130/54 ~ 2nd Floor & also from our new outlet @ Windy Bay

[GJCR] HisNhers ~ Casual Outfit Poster.jpg
[GJCR] HisNhers ~ Casual Outfit Poster.jpg

New fashion Releases … Out today!

Miz Burberry is an old design I did a few years ago, it was a best seller in SL… now I have revamped it for Inworldz & made it much better adding a better flexi skirt & sculpted boots & hat! You can buy it as a complete package or buy the skirt & boots as seperates, it will be available also in Pink, Blue & mint