Archive | May 2010

Mens Suits

Available in store now



Her is a small selection from our Warriors range….. now available from our store @ Adirahuriye 


W/we like to create Combination outfits as these give the best value for money to the customer. There are several within our ranges.. Formal ~ Gothic & Silks:

 Black Pearl is available at our store for both Men & Women…

Haute Couture

The inspiration for most of these Designs came from the Catwalk Fashions of London & Paris  & why shouldnt our Avatars have the very best of fashions to wear in our world?

Here is just a few examples of Catwalk Fashions: These can already be found in our Store on Adirahuriye 1 in Inworldz.

Avatars ~ Bold & Sassy

Creating full Avatar packages is something we embarked upon when we merged our businesses & Creative talents 😉

 This is the 1st one that is available in Inworldz right now, but we do have more coming out soon…